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I Have My Chance Now

I have always wanted to be able to hang my photographic art in a really cool, really exciting gallery.  I have my chance now.  I have been asked to participate in the beautiful Village Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas.  The wonderful thing is that there are so many accomplished artists participating.  I feel very fortunate.

Now you might say, what is so great about a gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas?  I think there are a couple of things that might surprise you.  First, Fredericksburg is a great historical city that is gaining in popularity as a tourist destination.  With new art galleries, two WWII military museums and beautiful Hill Country scenery, it makes for an ideal destination.  Second, it is becoming a new art destination for Central Texas and for Texas in general.  You might think that all the galleries only feature Western art or Hill country scenes.  While there are beautiful examples of both, several new galleries, show very beautiful contemporary art from US and Mexican artists.

The Village Gallery and Working Artists’ Studio is owned and managed by Debbie Magee.  She and her family have a long history of supporting the arts and artists.  Debbie has her own art and studio in the gallery.  The Gallery is a co-op where each of us contributes time as a docent supporting one another.  The Gallery is located on the West end of Main Street at number 211 and occupies a beautiful historical building.

Some of the other gallery participants display beautiful works of art.   Karen Raidy has some absolutely lovely portraits in her portfolio.  It isn’t just that her art is photo realistic, it is magnificence.

Beth Hughes has her art right in front of the room I am in.  Her part of the hallway at the gallery is gorgeous.  She works mostly with oils and pastels.  Some of her work from Tuscany just makes you want to gaze and be there.

My wall at the gallery includes nine of my photographs.  I am the only photographer in the gallery and as several people mentioned during Art Walk, there doen’t seem to be very many photographers displaying at the moment in Fredericksburg galleries.  I tried to choose some of my most colorful and interesting pieces to display.  On my Home Page you can click on the slide show and see the works I have displayed.

Be watching for my next blog post : Raising Ebenezer: The Beach Cairns of Galveston, Texas.  Here is a preview:

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